Aviation Scenarios

Are you thinking about the future of aviation? Whether we fly in drones with fuel made from waste or in high-tech aircraft? Do you think that flying will be mainly for the elite? Is aviation almost completely gone in a few years, or will we soon be back at the same level as before the corona crisis? Are there a need for airports in the future and what do they look like?

With financial support from the Danish Innovation Fund, researchers at Aalborg University at the research project Airport City Futures have spent four years creating AirMind, a new decision-making tool with knowledge and resources about and for Danish aviation.

But we also took the time to look at the future. The videos you see on this page are not forecasts, but our 'best guess' about the future when we take our knowledge and results into account.

You can learn more about AirMind in the intro video and see our different scenarios for the future in the other four videos. Afterwards, we would like to hear from you. What do you think will happen in the future! Write your thoughts in the box below the videos.


Airport City Futures

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